What is Modeling

Modeling is the use of conceptual and mathematical representations and codes, physical analogues, or combinations of these to represent the natural and managed systems of interest.   CWEMF uses modeling to analyze California’s water and environment related issues and problems including those in the San Francisco Bay, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, and Central Valley system.

The scope of interest of the Forum includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • aquatic and terrestrial habitat health;
  • data gathering;
  • data storage and access;
  • economics;
  • fisheries and other aquatic biology;
  • groundwater;
  • GUI/GIS interfaces;
  • hydrodynamics;
  • hydrology;
  • hydraulics;
  • real-time management;
  • system operations;
  • water quality; and
  • water resources planning.

Source:  CWEMF Bylaws Section 3.01:  Modeling Definition and Scope

For more information about modeling, please see “Protocols for Water and Environmental Modeling”  Jan 21, 2000  format; 143 kbytes