California Water and Environmental  Modeling Forum

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Distinguished Life Membership Award

The California Water and Environmental Modeling Forum’s Distinguished Life Membership Award is given annually to active or past members who, through long and distinguished service, have made a major contribution to the CWEMF and to the California water and environmental modeling profession.  The recipient must have been a CWEMF member for at least ten years (not necessarily in a row) and been a regular attendee at the CWEMF Steering Committee Meetings and/or Annual Meetings or have other significant contributions to the organization.  The CWEMF Distinguished Life Membership Award is presented each year at the CWEMF’s Annual Meeting.


Award Winner


Dr. Marianne Guerin - In recognition of her many years of outstanding service to the organization, including serving as Vice Convener, Convener, and Past Convener; organizing technical briefings and workshops; moderating sessions and presenting her work at many Annual Meetings; and actively participating in the Steering Committee for over ten years.


Dr. Tariq Kadir - In recognition of his many years of outstanding service to the organization, including organizing and participating in 12 workshops, moderating a session at almost every Annual Meeting since 2002, his active participation in the CWEMF Steering Committee meetings, and for forming and leading the IWFM Users Group.


Dr. Nigel Quinn - In recognition of his many years of outstanding service to the organization, including the three years served as Convener and active participation on the Steering Committee.  The CWEMF recognizes his significant efforts to organize technical workshops and sessions at the Annual Meeting and work to establish the framework for model peer reviews.


No Award Given


Richard Satkowski - In recognition of his many years of outstanding service to CWEMF and the water and environmental modeling community.  Mr. Satkowski’s outstanding and persistent service predates and extends beyond his seven years as the CWEMF Executive Director. His role in organizing and leading Annual Meetings, technical workshops, modeling protocols and guidelines and several important peer reviews, as well as contributing to the Forum’s administrative and philosophical basis earns him the appreciation and respect of the CWEMF.


George Nichol - In recognition of his outstanding leadership as Secretary of the California Water and Environmental Modeling Forum from 1994 to the present.  Dr. Nichol successfully organized and moderated four key technical workshops and has provided valuable assistance at many other technical workshops and Annual Meetings.


K.T. Shum - In recognition of his service to the organization as a member and Steering Committee member for over ten years, CWEMF Vice-Convenor from 2003 through 2004, and CWEMF Convenor from 2005 through 2006.  Dr. Shum advanced the mission of the CWEMF by coordinating the San Joaquin River Valley CalSim-II Peer Review and the Strategic Analysis Framework for Managing Water in California.


Award Nominations

A nomination for CWEMF Distinguished Life Membership must be made by five or more CWEMF members or the Steering Committee.  Award nominations for 2017 are due by MMMMM DD, 2016.  Nominations should be sent to and consist of:

  1.   A letter of nomination clearly identifying the nominee and nominator;
  2.   Resume of the nominee;
  3.   Statement describing the nominee’s accomplishments; and
  4.   Statement describing how the nominee meets the award criteria.