California Water and Environmental  Modeling Forum

Promoting Excellence and Consensus in Water and Environmental Modeling

Mission and Services            

    The Forum is a non-profit, non-partisan organization whose mission is to increase the usefulness of models for analyzing California’s water-related problems with emphasis in the San Francisco Bay, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, and Central Valley system (Bay-Delta Watershed).



       The Forum carries out this mission by:

        • Providing a consensus-building atmosphere on water-related issues;
        • Maintaining a modeling clearinghouse that provides an open forum for the exchange, improvement, and pooling of models, modeling information, and professional resources;
        • Assisting in mediating technical disputes involving physical, chemical, biological, and economic modeling;
        • Conducting impartial peer reviews of models in order to document strengths and weaknesses, suggest improvements, and identify appropriate applications;
        • Seeking input from California water stakeholders and decision makers about their modeling needs; and
        • Providing educational opportunities through technical conferences and workshops.

The Forum has approximately 100 individual members and nine organizational members. In addition, approximately 100 different organizations are represented among the Forum membership. Activities of the Forum are guided by a steering committee composed of five officers elected by the membership, representatives from 11 designated governmental water organizations in California, and 15 members chosen by the membership to represent universities, environmental organizations, private consultants, water user agencies, and the general public. Annual membership dues are:

Large Organizations and Agencies


Medium Organizations and Agencies


Private Organizations and firms


Individual Members


Student and Senior (over 65) Members


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