CWEMFLogo2California Water and Environmental
Modeling Forum

 Technical Informational Workshop
“Towards Improving the Delta: Pilot Study at Fabian Tract”

Friday, August 10, 2012  from 9:30 to noon
Buehler Alumni & Visitor Center
Mrak Hall Drive and Old Davis Road, UC Davis

Accurately determining agricultural returns, diversions, and seepage in the Delta is important for correctly modeling flow patterns and water quality in Delta channels. The returns, diversions and seepage values, collectively, can also impact the determination of net Delta outflow, affecting the operations of the projects.

This workshop will highlight work by UCD in applying DWR’s IWFM Demand Calculator (IDC) model to Fabian Tract to estimate both spatial consumptive use and GIS-based routing of diverted water to drainage points supplemented by field work. This work has the potential for improving modeling the hydrodynamics and salinity in the Delta.

The workshop will present information on methods to determine
consumptive use in the Delta and how water is routed within an
Island.  In this workshop DWR and UC Davis will share what
they think is important in the Delta, how they have progressed
in modeling the Delta, what the current efforts are, and what
their long-term strategic plan is.

The models discussed will be:

  • Delta Island Consumptive Use Model (DICU) and its
    associated post processing tool used to assign
    diversions and returns in the Delta;
  • Delta Evapotranspiration of Applied Water (DETAW)
    and recent data used to validate the model; and
  • IWFM Demand Calculator(IDC) with collected data
    as applied to Fabian Tract.





A comparison of the three methods at Fabian Tract will be presented.  Questions, discussion, suggestions, and other feedback from workshop attendees will follow the formal presentations.

 Agenda and Presentations

 9:30    Welcome
                     Marianne Guerin, CWEMF Convenor

 9:40   General Overview of DWR Modeling of Delta Consumptive Use    pdf01 1.8 MB
                       Tariq Kadir (CA DWR)

 9:55    Delta Island Consumptive Use Model    pdf01 5.4 MB
                       Bob Suits and Lan Liang (CA DWR)

10:20   DETAW Model                                 pdf01 1.1 MB
                        Tariq Kadir (CA DWR)

10:30   Physically Based Modeling of DICU     pdf01 7.6 MB
                         Lucas Siegfried and William Fleenor (UC Davis)

11:30   Panel Discussion

12:00   Adjourn